Boudoir Prep Guide

Preparing for your session can bring a roller coaster of emotions. It’s normal to feel a bit anxious before your session. So take a moment to love on yourself and relax.

We promise to help you feel comfortable and confident during your session and will make some gorgeous photos together!


We are based in the Salt Lake and Utah County area.

Whether your session is scheduled in the Utah studio or in a different state, it will always be a private location with on-site parking.

Contact us:

[email protected]

You don’t have to know how to pose yourself.

You don’t have to lose weight.

You don’t need to have incredible self confidence.

Boudoir is part of a transformation process.

You are becoming the confident, self-loving, brave, unapologetic woman that you can be.

We are proud of you!


Your Session starts promptly at the scheduled time. You do not need to arrive early, as we may be with another client. Your confirmation email states your arrival time. 

Please arrive with: 

1.  All of your outfits + accessories

2.  Your hair dry and natural. (We have budgeted about 90 minutes for the stylist to style your hair. If you know that your hair needs extra products or more time than that, please email me.) Your face clean and product-less. Feel free to bring your favorite lipstick or foundation if you want to, but the stylist will provide makeup. If you have inspiration photos, bring those to the shoot to show the stylist. 

3.  Loose clothes. Tight clothing (bras, underwear, jeans, etc…) will leave lines on your body and will be seen in the photos.

4.  Cash or card. Orders will be paid for in full at the Photo Reveal. If you need to keep this purchase a secret, we suggest using a Visa gift card. Pre-Session Payment Plans are available (email me for details).

5.  ID. We always check your ID for age, just to cover our liability! 

Bringing alcohol, drugs, or weapons into the studio is not allowed. 

TIP: Eat breakfast before your session. Your “food baby” will not show up on camera. Please take care of yourself and arrive with nutrition in your body!


Bring as many outfits as you want to! Typically we will have time for 3-5 outfits, plus some accessories. At the beginning of the shoot we will lay out all the outfits and decide what to prioritize so that you get the most variety of images. The most important thing is that you FEEL CONFIDENT. Choose outfit combos that make you excited. No matter your body type or the pretty outfits you choose…you are beautiful. 

There is no proper outfit, however, here are my suggestions for every shoot:

1.  A matching bra and panty set (sets look expensive)

2.  A one-piece teddy

3.  The white sheet / Nude. This is a favorite for many of our clients because you can still be covered while leaving so much up to the imagination. Love Brittny Boudoir doesn’t offer highly erotic images, but we believe full, partial, or implied nudity can be a lovely way to document and celebrate your body. This is completely optional, and we provide the sheet.

TIP: Somewhere in there bring a thong and a structured bra to support the girls.


  • Bring hiiiiiiigh heels. The taller the heel, the longer your legs look.

  • Stilettos look better than wedges and chunky heels.

  • Blacks, nudes and sparkles are the best on camera.


  • Bring a mix of outfits. Your entire session doesn’t have to be white lingerie

  • Fee free to bring your wedding accessories…veil, shoes, garter, etc…


  • You are the most important thing in these photos. Adding too much jewelry can be distracting. That said, significant pieces of jewelry can really emphasize the images. Feel free to bring jewelry that you feel will enhance your photos.

Other options:

  • His button up shirt. This can be worn to be as revealing as you prefer. 

  • Cocktail dress. This is a fun way to tell a story with your images. We can start the gallery with glamor photos of you in the dress, show some photos of you unzipping the dress, and the next page in your album is more lingerie based. This is also a great way to ease your way into the session.

  • Corsets. These look amazing in photos and can add such a fun vibe to your photos.

  • White tshirt, tank, or crop top – a fun way to give a sneak peek. 

    • Garter belts and Fishnets. While maybe not for everyone, it can be a fun way to add a bit of fierceness to your photos!
    • Jersey. Give a personalized shoutout to his favorite team by wearing their jersey in a few photos.

    • Robes. This can be a fun way to give the illusion of lounging around the house while styling the outfit a bit more. 

    • Off the shoulder sweaters. This is so fun, cozy and “accidentally” sexy. 

    Will I be naked?

    Only if you want to be! Your level of nudity is totally up to you. Some of our clients wear a robe throughout the entire photo shoot while others walk around stark naked. 

    Our priority is your comfort…but our job as your photographer is to help create photographs you will loooove. 

    If you’re like most people, boudoir sessions are a unique experience, and it might be a few years before you do another one. We don’t want you to look back and say, “I wish I had just tried that shot…” Because of that, we will likely encourage you to go one step further than you planned on. It is all up to you, and we will support your decision, either way!

    Where to shop?


    BHLDN Bridal            Claire Pettibone            Mentionables           Victoria’s Secret


    Playful Promises            Torrid            Harlow & Fox           Hips  & Curves            Burgundy Fox


    Shein            Frederick’s of Hollywood            AdoreMe           H&M            Forever21               Yandy


    I have never felt more

    comfortable in my own skin.

    – Miss C.

    Hair & Makeup

    Let the pampering begin! When you arrive for your shoot you will jump right into the makeup chair and my stylist will GLAM YOU UP! She’ll make your hair, and makeup, and eyelashes look awesome – and yes, she will provide false eyelashes for you 🙂

    Please arrive with your hair clean and dry. (Curly hair…If you have curly hair and want to keep it curly for the session, feel free to use your own products before the session. If you want to go straighter, please straighten your hair before the session.) Please arrive with your face clean.

    The most common look for hair is loose, flowy curls. Our stylists are amazing and will create this look for you! Updos are not included in the price or schedule. If you prefer an updo, or if you have specific requests regarding makeup, please email us at [email protected]

    Want to do a natural look AND a super glam look? Contact us at [email protected] at least 2 weeks before your session so we can schedule a second makeup look (additional $100.)

    Here is a link to our hair inspiration board and our makeup inspiration board:

    Sample Schedule


    9:00 – You arrive and get pampered with hair and makeup from our amazing hype girl/stylist

    10:30 – We shoot for about an hour. This is the fun part! I’ll coach you through the entire thing!

    11:30 – You go to lunch while I edit your amazing photos!

    12:3– You come back for the in-person Photo Reveal! This is when you get to see your photos! At this step in the process you will place your orders for any images/products you want to purchase.

    Feel free to bring a girlfriend to help you choose photos!

    1:30 – You’ll leave feeling so in love with your body! You’ll have your digitals immediately and physical products within 1-2 months. 

    **The specific timing of your shoot may differ, depending on which location we shoot at. 


    Our goal in all of this is to keep the photos honest. We want these images to accurately represent you.

    What we DON’T edit: Photoshop “magazine” slimming. Truthfully, you don’t need it. We will use angles, fabric and lighting to emphasize your favorite parts of you. When you look at these photos, we want you to say, “Wow, I look amazing!” not, “Wow, I look great…when I’m photoshopped.”

    What we DO edit: basic skin smoothing and removal of all non-permanent blemishes and bruises. That said, many ladies choose to leave their scars, moles, freckles, stretch marks, etc… It’s up to you! The comment we hear at every shoot is about cellulite (we’ve all got it). Most of the time it doesn’t show up dramatically in the photos, but we can edit to make it less noticeable. 

    There may be additional fees for extra editing like clearing up chipped nail polish or editing out tattoos if these are requested. 



    Touch up your hair before your shoot. Do whatever you want (trim, color or texture) so that you feel like yourself! Long hair and short hair are both beautiful!


    Your hands and feet will be visible in almost every image. Consider treating yourself to a spa day a few days before your session!

    Nudes and french tips are always classy, but red is fierce!. If you want to mix it up a bit, you could paint your nails the same color as one of your outfits.


    Take a deep breath. It’s ok to be nervous. Trust us. Trust yourself. Spend some time speaking to yourself in kind ways.

    Feel free to use some of these positive affirmations to start reframing your self beliefs in a positive way:

    • My body deserves my respect. 

    • Thank you, body, for serving me today.

    • I define my worth. I am worthy. 

    • I love my body as it is. 

    • I am allowed to take up space. 

    • Today I’m grateful for my body because “____”


    Tanning is not required. We recommend sticking to a tanning method that you are familiar with in order to avoid splotchy and uneven skin tones. Avoid tanning your face…our makeup artists can customize the foundation to your skin tone.


    Drink lots of water in the week leading up to your session. Lotion up so your skin is nice and hydrated!

    Use clear deodorant.

    Shave your legs, underarms and bikini line before the session. If you choose to wax, schedule that a few days before your session. You know how your body reacts…try to schedule the shaving/waxing so that any red bumps or rashes are gone by the photo shoot.

    Viewing my wife’s photos…

    I’m falling in love with her again.

    – Husband of Mrs S.


    When you arrive for your Photo Reveal you will be able to see all the final, retouched images from your session and place your order. 

    Payment options for photo collections:

    1. Pre-payment plans.

    Non-refundable and acts as credit toward your order of images and products. You decide how much you want to pre-pay…the entire collection, or part of it. Email me for details at [email protected]

    2. Pay in full on the day of your shoot.

    We accept all major credit and debit cards and cash (no checks).

    3. Post-payment plans.  

    AfterPay: Here is the link to apply for AfterPay: https://www.afterpay.com/en-AU/sign-up-today. The benefit to this is that you can walk away with your images and we can order your products immediately. 

    Payment plans through my company: Your images will not be delivered and products will not be ordered until the final payment has been made. This is non-refundable. These invoices are sent through Square and are set up as follows:

    • Minimum 1/3 of the invoice paid at ordering appointment
    • 5% service fee on any amount financed
    • Minimum monthly payment is $200
    • Longest term is 6 months

    À la carte

    Wall Art

    Metal Print
    Canvas Print
    Framed Print

    “Treat Yo Selfs”

    Ice Block – 600
    Magazine – 600
    Glass Box – 600
    Calendar – 500
    6×6″ Companion Album  – 600

    “Treat Yo Selfs”

    Cinematic Boudoir Video – 750
    Crystal USB and custom box – 250
    Custom slideshow with purchased images – 250
    Smartphone app for all purchased images – 350

    Album Upgrade Options

    200 each – Album upgrades like metallic pages, gilded pages, acrylic ice cover, and higher quality album materials

    250 – Luxury Album Box
    A protective box can be ordered in most album materials

    Digital Images

    All digitals $5700
    50 digitals- $3700
    40 digitals- $2700
    25 digitals- $2000


    You will leave the studio with an empowered, confident feeling! Your images will be sent to print immediately. 

    Digital images will be delivered to you as soon as your order is placed. Printed products will be available for pickup within 1-3 weeks depending on products ordered. 


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    Here’s the way it works:

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