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Have you ever done something totally out of your comfort zone? 

Maybe you went repelling down a cliff. The first step over the edge is TERRIFYING. But once you’re over it, it’s fun! You see the gorgeous view around you, the excitement of descending. Once you’re on the ground you feel just so proud of yourself for taking that leap of faith. You feel strong. 

Unstoppable. Capable. Brave. Proud. Because YOU DID IT!👏🏼

Honestly, that’s how you’ll feel after your boudoir session. It’s scary at first. Probably out of your comfort zone. It’s a leap of faith, into a new experience. But once you’ve made it through that first step over the edge, you start feeling at ease. Confident. Brave. Proud. Capable. Not to mention beautiful & sexy!

Even if you’re a little unsure of those first steps, reach out! Let’s chat! You deserve to be empowered ❤️❤️

This Brave Boudoir Babe decided to keep her photos anonymous, so enjoy a few fun details from her tasteful Boudoir Session!

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